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Third Reich map of the inner earth, many stories confirms story!

Antarctic Map AsgardIf you take a look around the internet there is a lot of stories and rumors that the german Third Reich were into the occult and believed in a inner earth or so called ‘hollow earth’. They even sent expedition out to the far end of Tibet and the extreme cold Antarctica. Many    thought that is was just a waste of war effort and money, but as time progresses more and more clues comes out to the public, which suggest that they really found a lot more than the governments would let the public know about.

The map above should be of origin of 1944 from the Third Reich, is should show in details and describe not just the direct escape route to Agharta by Third Reich U-boats, but also a complete detailed map of both hemispheres  the inner realm of Agharta.

The translation of the map is as follows:


Descent, at the point with the coordinates; Exact Intersection: 64° southern latitude and 1° eastern longitude, to a depth of 400 meter.

The instruction have to be strictly followed!

1. Decent, from the point of decent with half speed, a starboard declination angle of 5°. Distance 188 sm. Given depth – 500 meter. (Because of the moving inside the corridor the pressure on the ship body when maneuvering is insignificant)

2. Ascent, Full load with a stern trim, Ascent angle 23° with a port declination of 22°. 190 meter upwards. Distance 75,5 sm.

3. Difficult maneuver! Ascent full speed with a stern trim, Ascent angle 41°. Proceed straight ahead. 110 meter upwards, distance 21,5. Afterwards starboard declination 8° until ascent to the surface in a distance of 81 sm.

4. Proceed pm the surface within the grotto with a starboard declination of 8°, Distance 286 sm.

5. Six difficult maneuvers! Descent. With a bow-heaviness declination 45° to a depth of 240 meter, Distance 60 sm. Afterwards with a port declination of 20°, at which the descent to 310 meter to the entrance to the corridor continues- After the 310 meter mark the bow heavy descent need to be continued. Descent angle 7° until 360 meter, distance 70 sm. Further starboard declination of 31° to a depth of 380 meter.

7. Descent, Bow heavy, ascent angle 22° , 100 meter upwards with a port declination of 26°. Distance 70 sm.

8. Ascent, Stern trim, Ascent angle 45°, straight ahead until reaching the surface og Agartha Distance 70 sm.

9. Proceed to Agartha, Full Speed. Proceed straight ahead until new light can be seen. Change of magnetic poles, The changes of compass needle and instruments are to be disregarded

(Further instructions in package number 3, only when arrived in Agartha to be opened)       ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Supposedly all the missing German uboats which counts up to more than 100! – has still to this day unknown faiths, they are whether reported sunken or seen since 1944-1945 – The rumor goes that they should have carried important persons and treasurers via. uboat to the underground getaway. And that might also explain why the Americans launched ‘Operation Highjump’.

A letter which supposedly should come from a member of the U-209 commanded by German U-commander Heinrich Brodda, the letter is written by one Karl Unger.germanletter

The translation of the letter is as follows:

Dear old commrade!

This news will be a suprise for you. the u 209 unterseeboot made it!!! the earth is hollow!! dr. haushofer and hess were right. the whole crew is well, but they can not come back, we are no prisoners. I am sure, this news will reach you, it is the last connection with the u boote 209. we will meet again commrade. i am worried for everyone who has spend his life on the surface of the earth since the führer is gone. god bless our germany always.

With hearthy greetings **************

The man which knew Karl Unger and which possess this letter, confirms the genuine of this letter, and says that this is indeed Unger’s handwriting and signature.


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I will later on publish some more stories which confirms that the Germans actually found and path to the inner earth.

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